Our core competency is the development of independent Business Case Analyses that support decision-making in complex, high-risk situations by public and private sector senior leaders. We utilize advanced decision support analytic tools and methods, improve data from existing sources, and leverage deep subject matter expertise and relationships across multiple business sectors. We are a strong advocate for the advancement of predictive cybersecurity posture as a foundational resilience attribute, aligned closely to business and operational objectives.

Once we fully examine a problem or environment, we develop a series of actionable solutions for senior leader consideration. While we encourage clients to optimize existing internal products and services before they consider new investments, if there is a requirement to add additional capabilities, we offer clients the option to conduct a Proof-of-Value (POV), prior to a final decision on full implementation. Because POVs are conducted within a limited timeframe and with minimal investment of human and financial resources (a lighter lift than a full Proof-of-Concept (POC)), they are a valuable tool to validate stated objectives are achievable and can address resolution of the targeted business problem.

Select examples of Radius AG expertise include development and implementation of innovative data protection strategies; strategy creation for organizational change, growth and security; development and implementation of complex Data Governance, and management programs; and design and creation of a modern data analytics functions on a budget. Our focus is on building and sustaining operational, business and technology resilience in large, complex organizations and small emerging companies. Our operational experience spans multiple market sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, defense, and energy.