About Us

Radius Advisory Group, LLC, is a Management Consultancy focused on resolving cybersecurity issues of national importance. Using three focused offerings: Sponsored Research; Use Case Development and Testing; and Leadership Education. Radius is pioneering creation of a State-based Cyber Decision Support Center. Designed to operationalize data, using high performance analytics, and promote a risk-based, collective cybersecurity approach, the Center will enable organizations to more effectively protect and defend against cyber-attacks.

With the launch of the “Cyber Exchange” Radius has taken the first step toward collectively solving cyber problems that are realistically beyond resolution by a single organization.  The Cyber Exchange, an “ecosystem” of subject matter experts from across the public and private sectors, academia and law enforcement, brings the expertise of  mature, mid-tier and emerging companies and multiple subject matter experts, together on a single team, aimed at a single problem. This means Radius clients have the benefit of access to a broad cross section of technologies, business processes, best practices, lessons learned and analytic capabilities, assembled to address their specific problem.

Radius Advisory Group, LLC