About Us

Large and complex public and private sector organizations draw upon Radius AG’s management expertise, independent analysis, and our sprint approach to work to gain external, objective advice and to access consultants with deep specialized expertise. Our value is often demonstrated by our operational experience in, and relationships with, the largest and most complex federal, state, and commercial sector organizations.

We believe decision-making rests solely with organizational leadership, but must be informed by fact-based research, validated operational evidence, and the highest quality data and analysis available. We are a strong advocate of providing leaders with practical, actionable strategies, supported by high-quality data and modern decision support analytic models, tools and techniques.

At Radius AG, we offer the benefit of collaborating closely with our client’s business, operational, technology, and security leaders to formulate potential courses of action that are unique to the organization, culture, and circumstances. We do not have a prescribed, standard methodology into which your problem must fit. We help companies identify and adapt quickly to emerging market opportunities and build resilient organizations well positioned to capture near-term competitive advantage and strengthen long-term performance.