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About Us

Our consulting team is home to subject matter experts and partner companies from commercial industry, academia, the public sector (Federal and State government), and U.S. Military Services ( Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines).

We specialize in serving the Healthcare, Manufacturing, Defense and Law Enforcement/Legal sectors. We also specialize in serving the unique cyber security needs of all small business through the Radius Small Business Exchange.


Strategic Advisory Services

Our experience has proven that providing senior decision makers with flexible problem-solving options, most often results in strong, aligned cyber security and business risk management outcomes.

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Use Case Development & Testing

When building and testing a Use Case, we develop cyber security solutions that align with our clients’ business, financial and risk management objectives.

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Small Business Exchange

The Exchange features services that provide a cyber security program foundation, a best practice library and access to the Threat of the Month Club.

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Cyber Security Compliance, Assessment, Roadmap and Implementation:

  • Assess current cyber security posture based on NIST CSF, NIST 800-171 Compliance, NIST 800-53, DFARS, CMMC, DHS 4300a Sensitive System, SEC Regulations and more
  • Create a roadmap to establish priorities (security aligned to business objectives) and consider potential courses of action consistent with organizational goals
  • Implement roadmap lines of effort in part or in whole with Radius; in a manner that works best for your operations, budget, and timeline
  • Complete this work with or without an internal Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

NextGen Data Protection:

  •  Data Alchemy process of file level encryption, data shredding, dispersal and storage renders data completely
    unusable and unrecoverable to anyone but the authorized user. When the authorized user accesses their
    data, the application retrieves and recombines the original data
  • Secure the data itself. Security always stays with the data even in the event of a breach, endpoint compromise
    or application vulnerability.
  • Securely store data on devices (laptops, handhelds, notebooks, mobile devices) to ensure critical data remains
    in the file system.
  • Seamless integration, complements existing security technologies

Fraud Detection: Strengthen fraud detection; assess and visualize risk

  • Detecting fraud in workers compensation claims
  • Detecting fraud in Healthcare
  • Improving unemployment Insurance claim fraud detection
  • Decision support images with powerful server-based, data analytics product fusing data from multiple sources, supporting sophisticated predictive and machine learning risk models and providing a flexible and intuitive visual interface.
  • RADR enables proactive identification of risk, fraud, waste and abuse (RFWA) behaviors and simplifies the investigative process. Provides visualizations for risk propensity scores and related data so auditors, investigators, analysts can easily access data on high risk items and focus on highest ROI cases.

Create a data management strategy to roadmap your organizations use of data to achieve its business, financial and security objectives.

  • Data management strategy is essential foundation needed to effectively use data for consistent project approaches, successful data integration, understanding and enforcing data governance standards and policies, which ultimately affect business growth and data security.
  • A Data Management strategy ensures that activities surrounding data use (collection to collaboration) work effectively and efficiently together to be as useful as possible and easy to govern.

BLACKMARKER: Privacy through redaction, powered by artificial intelligence

  • Automatically redacts confidential information from documents, leveraging AI models that meet/exceed human performance
  • Generates labor savings on Day 1 with pre-trained models for many document types
  • Produces completely “flat” redacted copies of each document with zero metadata
  • Deploys to your secure, private cloud so your documents are safe
  • Processes tens of thousands of documents in parallel at any given moment
  • Forensic acquisition of data from a wide range of mobile devices, computers, flash drives etc. for content such as communications, images, video, documents or internet activity.
  • Acquisition of Cloud based accounts (e.g. webmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook)
  • Verification of authenticity of acquired
  • Cyber Security exercises can be used to train individuals or team in a realistic virtual environment that provides simulated network traffic, realistic network infrastructure (Active Directory, Exchange) and common internet services (DNS, SMTP, websites)
  • Exercises include:
    • Capture the Flag (CTF) individual or team-based
    • Red vs Blue – teams of players defending network (Blue) while monitoring services; while other team (Red) while another team will attack the network
    • Defense exercise- Same as Red vs Blue but Radius AG provides Red Team
  • Full investigative analysis: the search of all acquired device artifacts (communications, media files, internet activities, or documents) to identify any case relevant data
  • Targeted data analysis: the search of specific device artifacts based on criteria provided by the client
  • E-Discovery: the identification, preservation, review and production of Electronically Stored Information
  • Analysis or recovery of deleted data

*Services require written client consent or an appropriate court order

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